BAFTA Games 2014

At a new venue in London, the Tobacco Docks and starting off the day was the BAFTA Inside Games showcase, the first of its kind where we got hands on with quite a few upcoming games.

There were some great titles on display, most notably Infamous Second Son, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes and Murdered Soul Suspect. The Inside Games showcase not only gave us the opportunity to play some great upcoming and established titles but also attended some developer talks which were quite informative.

“…and trying our best to squeeze bits of information out from game representatives…”

Mark Ogilvie the Design Director at Jagex, creators of the popular MMORPG Runescape gave a talk on ideas and creativity which was well received by the room. Charles Cecil the CEO of Revolution who created the massively popular Broken Sword series (a must play!) delivered a humorous and informative speech on game development including his personal journey which started in the early days of gaming in the 80’s.

Cool simulators at the Sony PlayStation area. Click to enlarge
Cool simulators at the Sony PlayStation area

The showcase was abuzz with positive energy and happy faces all-round. We zig-zagged from studio to studio, soaking up the atmosphere while playing games and trying our best to squeeze bits of information out from game representatives. This was the first BAFTA Inside Games showcase and we’re sure they’ll be building on what was a great afternoon in the run-up to the evenings ceremony.

Sharing in the atmosphere of the BAFTA awards ceremony was something we were hugely proud of. Taking our seats after having a few glasses with other members of the industry was truly spectacular. The host for the night was comedian Dara O’Briain and he did not disappoint as he kept us all entertained with his jokes and heckles. Watching the Tearaway team receive a great reception for their awards, and Rockstars Fellowship award presented by Hideo Kojima at the end of the ceremony were massively rewarding as was listening to the speeches by all the winners.

With Brothers a Tale of Two Sons winner and presenter of an award SbTV’s founder Jamal Edwards (Far-R)

As the ceremony came to an end we made our way to the after party where mostly everyone let their hair down and relaxed to some good music, nibbles and drinks.

We shared some good stories and had a nice chat with some nominees and winners from the night which included a few members of the uber great game  Tomb Raider from Crystal Dynamics and a couple of super awesome guys from Rayman Legends at Ubisoft.  Maurice’s highlight of the day was sharing some words and getting a permanent profile picture with his gaming idol Hideo Kojima at the evening’s party. From midday to just after midnight we really enjoyed ourselves at both the inside games event and the awards ceremony.  It’s over for now but as quickly as it came, the games awards ceremony is sure to deliver on the same epic proportions next year.

Make sure to have a listen to our special BAFTA Awards !RushDown podcast where we discuss the Inside Games showcase and awards ceremony in a bit more detail which is out very shortly!