Sonia Leong talks Aygo at manga launch

Friday kicked off autumns MCM Comic Con Expo during which time we we’re guests of Toyota having been invited to attend the launch of their Aygo manga and soon to come Animation.

Upon reaching the stand we were greeted by a striking Sci-fi-esque looking Aygo which I honestly wanted to drive off in whilst pretending to avoid collapsing buildings with a monster hot on my tail. That was until the Stig beat me to it and hopped into the car. At first glance we were rather impressed with the design of the heroine who in the words of her creator Sonia Leong, was made to reflect the image of the car and its motto “small but powerful”. She also goes on to describe the influence in which anime and manga had on the design of the character as well as some of her favourite shows.

Listen to the full interview below as I have a chat with Sonia and you can check out the manga comic by clicking here.