Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Aisha Anime gives us her first impression in this guest written review of the autumn 2014 anime Gugure! Kokkuri-san.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san is the anime girls are loving this November. Having been adapted into a series by TMS Entertainment, it’s based on a Japanese four-panel manga series by Midori Endō which runs in Gangan Joker, the manga arm of gaming company Square Enix.

We follow the most peculiar protagonist I have ever encountered, Kohina Ichimatsu, who believes and tells everyone she’s a doll. To follow this she speaks in an emotionless monotone manner and is expressionless. She has no friends and her only vice is her instant noodles.

One day, she summons the neighbourhood demon Kokkuri-san through a game and the fox spirit ends up taking a big brother role, rather than taking advantage or ruining her life.  The fox spirit becomes her guardian and strives to improve her life, such as her eating habits and complete lack of social skills. Ironically as soon as Kokkuri-san enters Kohina’s life she is subsequently haunted by several other unique spirits! Let me introduce you to:

(From L-R) Kokkuri-san, Inugami-san


A fox spirit who was summoned by Kohina, but had already known her from before when she used to play at his shrine. Rather than ‘haunt’ Kohina he begins to better her life as she’s a loner and has no family. He is in competition for Kohina’s affections with Inugami.


A perverse dog spirit that falls in love with Kohina as she is the only person to show pity on him being homeless in a box on the street. He uses Kohina’s weakness for Cup noodles to trick her into a contract which keeps him in her house. Since Inugami does not remember its original gender, it constantly switches between a male and a female ghost which get’s interesting as the episodes go by.


An old tanuki spirit who randomly turns up at Kohina’s house trying to hussle her and Kokkuri-san for money and a place to stay. He takes advantage of the fact that he used to be Kokkuri-san’s room mate, in other words…Kokkuri-san did everything for him. He’s interested in Inugami’s female form and booze.

Jimeko-san (“Miss Bully”)

Kohina’s classmate who is obsessed with befriending her, but this emotion turns into bullying because of her shy tsundere personality. She often puts flowers on Kohina’s desk to spite her (i.e. wishing she would die).



A popular student in Kohina’s class who looks like an alien to Kokkuri-san, Kohina has a crush on him and cannot keep her eyes off him!


The characters are what drives the show, at the moment it resembles a slice of life following Kohina and her junk food lifestyle as an emotionless doll living each day alone at school, then being the center of attention at home with all the demons. It seems as if a deeper storyline may unfold later in the series there may be a deeper storyline to unfold later about her proclaiming to be a doll.

The series is so amusing and laden with cute references to get any animal fan shouting ‘awww’ at all spirits reverting to animal form. Even Shigaraki has a face lift when Kohina is scared by his Racoon form. So far it’s a fast paced fantasy show for all to watch.

The anime can be seen on Crunchyroll