Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Moon Crystal was announced last year and Sailor Moon fans all gasped in excitement! Was it a new anime series? Was it going to continue from where it left off with the Sailor Stars? Was Sailor Moon going to be a brand new thing? So many questions!

When I personally heard the news my inner 13 year old self was jumping with joy. Yes. I am a Moonie (a Sailor Moon fan), and as soon as the art work appeared and hearing it was going to be remade, and based on the Manga rather than the 90’s Anime, my heart skipped a beat in excitement. I eyed up that 20th Anniversary Sailor Moon  compact, held it up and then put it back on my shrine to Sailor Moon and thought – I’m sure every girl who watched Sailor Moon has given this a try… well you never know when its your turn to become a Magical girl!

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 1 was aired last year in July and is now in its second season. Watching it, thanks to the wonders of the internet, Wi-Fi on a train, on my phone and on the way back from a convention. I watched the first one and I feel in love with it.

The characters all have a new  style from the 90’s anime. The plot ran smoothly and kept well within the lines of the manga. Things from the Manga were included, our hero is the teenage girl Usagi Tsukino, who encounters a cat with a crescent-shaped  patch on her forehead  and then discovers after shouting out the transformation words, holding her compact brooch ”Moon Prism Power, Make Up!” And she changes into the pretty guardian Sailor Moon  of Love and Justice, fighting off the evil Negaverse to protect the earth with the other Sailor Scouts.

I have now been tuning in every other week, patiently waiting for the next episode as the last one left me wanting more. Yet I know the story line pretty well from the manga and anime, and adore the love story having more depth to it. Many disliked the 3D transformations from normal school girl to Magical girl, others disliked the story as it’s too similar to the manga. I however, fell in love all over again like a 13 year old girl crushing on Tuxedeo Mask for the first time.

Now we are in the second season, and the art work looks even more improved form last year and new characters both good and bad have appeared. All the characters are loveable and the relationships are again very in touch with the manga. The music is enchanting and pleasant yet powerful when it needs to be and very fitting. Even as we slowly approach the end of the second season, I am still looking forward to each new episode and I’m really hoping they continue it right up to the end just like the manga as I really want to see the characters who appear later on.

Over all, I am enchanted with Sailor Moon Crystal and I’m really enjoying it. Now that I’ve given my thoughts on this Anime I need to go and fight some evil by moonlight!