Show By Rock!!

Show by Rock!! Is an Anime produced by Bones based on Rock Bands making it big in the music world with a bit of magical girl thrown in there.

It’s Sanrio’s first ever character project that they’ve aimed for a mature set of male fans as opposed to young little girls. Now I’m a huge Sanrio fan so I had to check this out. Once I checked out how cute the characters were I knew I was going to have to give it a go. I mean Sanrio, Hello Kitty, music…it sounds like a match made in heaven.

The project started off as a game by Geechs and Sanrio for your phone and then it became an anime. There are plans for a manga later on and the anime recently came out  in April making it fairly new.

So what is it? It’s an anime based around music or a world that lives by music, and we first meet our main character Cyan, who is normal school girl, hanging out in her room and playing a guitar like game on her phone. After getting a high score  or unlocking an item that is called strawberry heart guitar, she is sucked into the game and finds herself in a new world of music.

Unlucky for Cyan, after being sucked into the game she ends up in a music concert and then a battle of some kind  unfolds with a huge dark monster and she has to use that guitar she unlocked to save the the other members of the music band who are being attacked.

This is where the fancy 3D style animation comes into the anime, and I love this bit! When the characters are preforming on stage or in this battle like scene, they switch the characters into Kawaii looking 3D ones. Oh and I forgot to say once Cyan enters the Music world (Midi City) , she becomes a Kawaii Gothic Lolita styled Cat, yes with tail and all. She also gets very embarrassed when she comes out with a “nyan” at the end of a sentence. Whenever Cyan’s caught in a battle or performance, she uses the guitar she unlocked from playing the game to win the that first battle encounter, and did I also mention that the Pink Guitar has a male voice and talks?!

After the battle she  ends up getting signed up to an aspiring new band called Plasmamagica, aiming to become the best band in Midi City and Cyan has to defeat  more monsters in order to return back to her own world.

What I really like about the anime is that the main characters are super cute, and all the characters in Midi City are based on animals with Cyan being the cat. Her band members are made up of a Puppy, Sheep and Rabbit and their manager looks like an Egg…There are lots of funny moments and overly exaggerated anime expressions used throughout the show which makes it both enjoyable to watch and laugh at.

As its all based on music, there is naturally a lot of music in the anime, mainly pop/rock music with the bands rocking out on their performances and do things like battle of the bands and contests to win more fans.

I enjoy the music very much so, and with only 9 episodes having been released, I am really looking forward to the next one and watching the adventures of Cyan and her band members continue on their roller-coaster ride.