The third person shooter Splatoon is one of the newest games on the Wii U and to be honest I’m really not sure what to say about this game as I have mixed feelings on it…

The paintball shooter is made up of an adventure single player and 2-player that has both offline and online mode. The characters are squids or should I say Inklings and you have the choice between a male or female. The female is much cooler than the male if you ask me. You can customise the character but it’s very limited to the characters eye colour and skin colour. After that you are set to go!

splatoon characters

2-player is a bit dull and it involves shooting balloons and attacking the other player and it repeats the levels over and over to the extent that you could play the level with your eyes shut.  Player one uses the Wii U pad as their screen and controller, with player two looking at the TV for game play. Player one can use the motion for aiming – I turn it off though as I already have terrible aim as it is!

The Adventure in single player involves doing mission levels and clearing them to face up against the boss. I have not spent too much time on that game mode yet to be honest, so far I have enjoyed the missions and cleared a few stages.

I admit these are not the parts of the game I play the most as am in the online lobby with other inklings in battle in Turf Wars, armed and possibly dangerous with my favoured weapon the roller brush style. The aim of the game is with your inkling team mates to splat the area with your teams colour and take over as much as you can before time runs out. Oh but the other team are doing the same hence the battle of paint being thrown around the levels and being attacked by the other team.

The TV shows you and your team splatting everything and the Wii U pad screen shows the Maps of the levels in these modes. I find this quite addictive and throwing paint about the levels is somewhat therapeutic. After each battle you get points to level up and money to buy new gear which can give you extra speed, attack, level-up or become like a ninja when you turn into a squid as you recharge your ink. Once you get levelling-up, new items are available for purchase and once you get to level 10 a new online mode opens up for you to access.

splatoon battle

Turf Wars is a ranking game. Back in your teams of 4 the aim of this mode is a lot like ‘King of the Hill’, where you are securing the area on the map, keeping it covered in your teams paint colour. For such a ‘fun-paint-flying-everywhere-game’, I found myself losing a lot to the higher levels double my level making me look like a right noobie. Even when I levelled up a bit more, this mode is quite hard, or should I say those inkling players mean business and you got to watch out for those snipers hiding about the levels to be secured. My team walked right into a trap with us all back at our re-spawn point with our heads hung in shame. There is no chat online just 2 things to say such as ”Nice” and ”To Me”. Not sure if it’s very useful or not.


So far I can’t quite tell if I like this game or not – am 50/50 on it in all honesty. I love the idea of it, I like the game but do find that playing the same level over and over again is a bit annoying as the levels are picked from 2 and they change every 4 hours. I think this game however has a ton of possibilities and it does get updated a lot as they keep adding to it. I would love to see more levels and new things added to it or even other game modes added. I like the character designs, even if they are a bit limited in changing them to your liking and I do like how the game levels look. Plus it’s kind of cool painting each level in mostly neon shades as well.

I also think I play much better when my team is in neon Pink…What? I gotta keep it cute, right?! ^-~

Splatoon is available now on the Wii U.

Rating: 5/10

splatoon characters weapons