Cube Life

Cube Life is a downloadable game for the Nintendo Wii U. Being a large fan of the well-known game Minecraft; I thought I would have a shot at this game after watching its trailer (see below). The game looks pretty much the same with a tweak of the graphics with more or less the same idea.

So once it was downloaded onto my console, I set about to play the game. The main difference between Cube Life and Minecraft is that this is more of a survival game and it has a back story of the person you’re playing who ends up on a remote island and has to get back to basics. It is a lot like my dear game of Minecraft, crafting, digging, one more block after block and it kicks off with a very dramatic ”CUBE LIFE- SURVIVAL” intro…I should have taken that as a sign, this is not an easy game!

At night mobs of the tribal kind come out and will dig their way to you and when they do, you’re dead. Attack a wild pig and it will come back right at you until you make it your pork dinner! The same goes with the chickens, and even if you win the fight there is no guarantee that anything will be dropped by them as a reward, which seems to be down to luck.

cube life 3

Speaking of dinner and eating, you have 3 key-bars to keep an eye on to stay alive: Hunger, Thirst and Health. You are more a less eating all the time to keep on top of that. And if you fancy a dip in those tropical waters there is a bubble/ air bar to watch – oh and those sharks, gotta watch those! They were not joking about it being a survival game.

I dislike it when you die as you have to reload from your last save and you only get one save which might not have been at the best of times. Say you have no mango left, nightfall is coming and those tribal mobs are already lurking outside your dirt cave and digging in to get you! Time runs so fast in the game it’s already night before you know it! So talk about time flies! So far am doing well collecting and adventuring out a bit. Some places you can reach by swimming but a raft is needed for others and making one is a nightmare…I loathe the crafting. There is a very simple and unhelpful guide which leaves you to guess work your way to find some string for your bow and arrow, and by the way if anyone knows please share! Other things are a bit easier to work out yourself. There are also items that I still have no idea what to do with.

cube life 5

Every time death comes knocking – you will find me sitting here in a rage and it happens quite often! Maybe because I forget to save often and you lose the stuff you’ve earned. When I saw it was the tribal mob and a man with a bone skull face who took my life I named him Skull face, I then built a moat around my cave made of stone as a defence, And YES they can get through the stone as they have pick-axes too!


This game might not be for the light hearted, it’s brought out my ugly side and yet I can see why it could become very addictive. I 100% favour good old Minecraft which is much more enjoyable. With that said, I thought I would have hated the fact that a similar game was on a console rather than on PC but I found that after a while I got used to it. It was about £5 in the Nintendo eShop, so I’d say it’s a good game for that price. I would not pay any more for it though.  I dislike this game as much as I like the game. It is like a game set out to annoy you and you’re not happy until you seek sweet revenge. I will get you Skull Face…I hope you fall to a watery death in my mote.

Rating: 4/10