Yoshi’s Woolly World

Yoshi’s Woolly World came out in the UK at the end of June and I had it ready on pre-order, eagerly waiting to play the game.

What is very attractive about the game are the worlds! Every world and level is themed with many woolly references, such as new and old bad guys being made out of Yarn, and walking back and forth with a crochet hook as a weapon or Scissors from the knitting bag. This was something I really liked seeing and the details in the game and levels are colourful and pretty on the eyes.

The story of the game sees you search the world for bundles of yarn which are in-fact Yoshi’s, having been turned into yarn by baby Bowser’s wizard caretaker Kamek to then use them to make a bigger yarn castle for baby Bowser. Yoshi then has to find all the yarns in each level to get the Yoshi’s back to normal. The game also allows you to swap the Yoshi’s over but this makes no difference in skill or game play. I have to say Yoshi is utterly adorable made out of his green yarn with all the tiny details.

yoshis wooly world2

Other features in the game are the badges which can help you progress in the game. You buy these with the gems (i.e. Beads) you collect throughout the levels and by finding collectable items. You can even get ‘Poochy’ a puppy dog helper to play with you in the game too with a Power Badge, he is so cute! Or you can swap in and do a 2-Player co-op on the levels, both wearing badges to help get all the rewards from the level. 2-Player is slightly annoying when it comes to camera views but can be lots of fun and can help you get unreachable items.


With a total of 6 worlds and with extra levels to unlock, not to mention the last boss level to attempt after the end of the game; collecting the yarn for the Yoshi’s, the flowers for unlocking more levels and more, it’s a fun game to play. I think it is one of those games that you have to play over and over, exploring the levels to collect and gain everything with the choice to go back and forwards a lot. It’s the kind of game you can easily put down and pick up again. It’s a bright, cute and fun game and it might even make you want to pick up the knitting needles and knit your own woolly Yoshi!

Rating: 7/10