Super Sonico

Well, where to start with this one? Up until a month ago, I wasn’t even aware that there was a Super Sonico anime series – I’d heard of Sonico but had only seen some questionable figurines and a few cosplayers.

After being offered the chance to review a couple of animes for Cyten I picked Super Sonico as one of them to see what all the fuss was about – I hadn’t researched Super Sonico at all so went into it completely blind!

Having looked now, Sonico was originally created by Japanese computer company Nitroplus appearing as a mascot for the Nitroplus Super Sonico music festival sponsored by Nitoplus in 2006. Since then Nitroplus has expanded on Sonico’s popularity and developed manga, music, video games and toys before working with White Fox to create the animated series in 2014.

I have to say I wasn’t disappointed with the series! The Super Sonico animation is all about the life and adventures of a guitar playing, pink-haired college student named Super Sonico (if you hadn’t guessed her name already!) the story follows her about her daily life of school, her part-time job as a bikini model, working at her Grandmother’s pub and rehearsals with her band – First Astronomical Velocity.

Every morning starts the same way – the sleepy-headed Sonico has a series of alarm clocks to try and wake her but she always manages to turn them off with out waking up – luckily for her she also has a herd of cats to wake her up! (This is pretty adorable and you get to see where the cats came from in one of the episodes). Through-out the episodes you follow Sonico about in her day to day life and watch her try to become a famous band with FAV and her band mates Suzu And Furri. Each episode has a different enjoyable song  included.

During the series you can follow Sonico on a working business trip, work to save a shopping district, run ragged trying to help everyone at a college open day, re-unite a young girl with her father, take a soul-searching vacation, go on a zombie cruise and even a who-dunnit murderer mystery! With out going into explicit detail for each episode it’s definitely a fun adventure.

I have to say I was slightly concerned with what I’d gotten myself into when I discovered Sonico was a part time bikini model but luckily for Sonico she has the protective demon faced manager, Kitamura to ensure that nothing indecent happens! The ever sweet Sonico herself seems somewhat embarrassed by the whole situation of being a part time model.

I really, really enjoyed this series, with catchy a theme tune and songs such as Super Orbital, cute stories, loveable characters and clean traditional and modern animation there’s pretty much something here for everyone. I’m hoping they make a second season of the show as I enjoyed it that much. Sonico reminds me a lot of Usagi from Sailor Moon and I’d suggest this series to anyone who likes Sailor Moon, Mahoromatic or similar.

Have any of you watched the Super Sonico series? If you have what did you like about it? Or maybe you want to check it out but have a few questions? Why not let us know in the comments below!

Super Sonico can be found at UK anime distributors MVM Entertainiment via their online store here.