Super Mario Maker

I first saw the game at a Maid Cafe being played, there was a crazy level that the guys kept losing at. I was very interested in the game but when finally getting the title for myself, I was not impressed.

Super Mario Maker for the Wii U and is basically a game where you build and then share your levels online to be played by others. You start off with the basic items and as you play and create you unlock others which doesn’t take long. Fun features are recording your own sounds and making levels easy, hard or plain crazy. There is also a section in which you can play levels to save Princess Peach, the catch is you only have 10 lives!

I found the unlocking of items was too easy and I felt they were rather limited. It was cool seeing the levels switch in different game modes and seeing what they looked liked or how they differed depending on the level type such as under water.  However, I found it to be a game which children completely loved, even if the levels they made were a simple run and jump, to then discover they had completely blocked off the castle door or flag at the end.  I did like the way the game was done with the Wii U controller, it was easy to use and set up levels. I also found the hand icon rather amusing as you can change it to a Mario hand or a cat paw that comes up on the screen.

super mario maker design

Making your levels was made well in that you are able to test it out instantly to make sure it works well. Also the little tracker of how you made the level was handy to use when needed. The recording of your own voice was somewhat fun and entertaining even with the built in sound effects.

Personally am not keen on the game. I felt there was not much to it in a way I felt it did not motivate me. There seemed to be an awful menu to the items and they were really on the small side for me to see. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh on the game but it felt far too repetitive for my liking (or maybe I really need some time to sit down and make some really fun and testing levels). I’m not sure if this game will grow on me or if its a game I could pick up again. If you love making levels or building levels then this is a game you’ll want to check out!

What are your thoughts on Super Mario Maker?  Personally I’m getting pretty sick of rescuing Princess Peach every time to then have her taken to anther blooming castle! Honestly who does that? Stop getting kidnapped already!!

Rating: 3/10