Scotland’s Anime Convention – Rai Con 2016

Following up from my last post on conventions, my second this month is Rai Con, Scotland’s newest Anime Convention which was held in the city of Glasgow at the Royal Concert Hall.

Obviously this convention held Anime at its heart and it had an extremely impressive turn out for a first convention. Having arrived fashionable late, there was still quite a queue to get into the event which was a bit of a maze inside. With such huge numbers the place got really hot and stuffy and this to be honest was my only gripe. It would have been nice to have a big space or an area for us all to chill, possibly around other things that were going on or maybe just an allocated place (there may have been a place but I never found it haha).

The Halls where packed with convention goers, anime fans and filled with cosplayers form all kinds of anime too. This event had your hall for vendors, an impressive artist alley off to the side, a room where talks and panels were held covering cosplay, J Fashion and how to draw manga. The room later held the cosplay contests.  Other areas included a screening room for anime, a photography area, video gaming section, games section and to add some kawaii to the mix, a Maid Cafe!

This time around I was in a full cosplay outfit of Sailor Senshi, Sailor moon and I was kept busy with constant requests for photos which made it quite a mission to get around the stalls, let alone to the other side of the room for some bubble tea. However, being the good sport that I am – I was happy to take on the role of Sailor moon for some very young fans and I even came across fans who follow us here at Cyten and our other social media accounts. It was an interesting experience but I didn’t get the chance to buy anything at Rai Con. After the main convention followed the after party, which is usually something I never attend and with this event being held in Glasgow, the travel was a bit on the heavy side.

Over all I enjoyed my time at Rai Con, and It was nice to see it as an anime/manga style convention rather than an all round convention. I can really see this Con coming back next year, having had such a big turn out which makes this more promising. Will we be seeing many more conventions popping up with such popularity? who knows!

What conventions would you like us to check out next, Let us know in the comments below.

Update: Rai con has announced its 2nd event for this year on the 15th October 2016!