Edinburgh Comic Con 2016

Edinburgh Comic Con – formally known as Hero Conventions was held in Scotland’s capital at the very start of April in their new location at the EICC (Edinburgh’s International Conference Centre). Having been attending this event since it was set up 3 years ago, it was a must do event!

With the event only being 15mins away and taking on a new level of cosplay for myself dressed as as ‘the fairest one of all’ Snow white, the excitement built up and so did the hype. The venue was easy to find and the queue system – even though the line was huge, moved swiftly for entry.  Once in side the space was huge – a much needed change from the last events where it was hard to move about freely.
There were nice pockets of large spaces where you could chill, sit down, hang out and get photos done (more on that later).

Tartan Kawaii Snow White

There was a lovely array of artists , a range of guests from TV/Film and even a Water Dance Class  with Miltos Yerolemuo from Game Of Thrones which looked like a lot of fun. There was lots of stalls in the centre of the main room and all about were many photo props such as a huge Jubba the Hutt display where you could pose and be enslaved, and sit next to Yoda. There were lots of droids such as a chatty R2D2 as well as an X-Wing Star Fighter. The Tardis also featured and so did many more props and all they asked was that you donated some cash for a local charity when using the props. Oh and not forgetting the amazing Dalek that kept the crowd on their toes or took on the many cosplayer Doctors.

There was a nice range of cosplays on show this year from TV shows, films, comics and anime as well as Disney characters. Some creative and very impressive outfits featured and all in all there was a big turn out of cosplayers. Just like the last event I attended, I was constantly stopped for photos, but more so this time by little ones asking to get a photo with Snow White or Elsa on the Sunday.  There were many, many families at the event and the kids seem to really enjoy the fun of cosplay. And there was also ofcourse  a cosplay contest and masquerade.

Several talks went on over the weekend but I didn’t manage to fit any of them in. I would love to be able to sit in a few some time – or at other conventions. I didn’t meet any guests but spoke to some of the artists there , who were delightful. I found myself making many new friends and even contacts with a local photographer- yeah ended up talking cameras and bored my friends so they went off to stalls. I also got to meet up with folks from last year’s event which was great. When I reminded them who I was from last year (casual Sailor Moon) it was like meeting a long lost friend. That is the one thing I loved about this event, the community feel and wonderful atmosphere. The fun I had was being in countless photos, singing with a Klingon and starring in many music-con videos.

This was the first time for me doing a full weekend at a convention, I would say it has been my most enjoyable one so far – So much so that I am starting to up my own cosplay game. Even five days after, the buzz from the event still lingers here and I am now ready to get my next cosplay ready for the next event this weekend.

One thing for sure is I can not wait for next years Edinburgh Comic Con.I will for sure be doing the full weekend and cannot wait to see what they bring for next year. I highly recommend this Convention for everyone of all ages.

This is Cyten’s Disney Princess  signing-out…

See you all at the next convention!