Rozen Maiden

Legends tell of a mysterious doll creator named Rozen who created seven beautiful dolls  in the 20th century whom he brought to life with a powerful gem known as the Rosa Mystica.

The seven dolls, Suigintou, Kanaria, Suiseiseki, Shinku, Hinaichigo and Kirakisho were then sent out into the world to find masters and to battle in the Alice games in order to obtain each others Rosa Mystica gems – when the winner obtains all 7 pieces they’ll become a perfect doll, named Alice and be reunited with her creator, Rozen.


Unfortunately for the hapless and withdrawn Jun, Shinku choose him to be her master and the adventure begins with a broken window and a battle between Shinku and Suigintou. This is where’s things go a bit odd – there seems to be a lot of things missing in series that I believe would have been in the books. Not much is explained about what’s going on and who is doing what and why.

This  continues throughout the series and the gaps seem to get larger and larger, during which at one point we leap into a future alternate time line where Jun and Shinku and several of the others have been captured by Kirakishou. Frustratingly, it’s not explained how this has happened, or where they even are, or how they are communicating with alternate Jun who did not choose to awaken Shinku. Jun and his sister also seem to just accept the maidens as normal, there’s no questioning about why they are there, how they are walking, talking, eating/drinking or where they came from and definitely aren’t concerned about the several dolls having an all out brawl in Jun’s bedroom either.

My biggest problem really has to be the alternate timeline – things were progressing normally but then, suddenly, with no explanation, we’re in a future where Jun made a different choice and didn’t turn the key and didn’t meet Shinku – after he starts receiving odd messages and parcels he builds Shinku himself – again, he doesn’t seem to question why this is happening,or who is sending them, just that he needs to build the doll, and is communicating with his alternate past self.

Suiseiseki and Souseiseki the Rozen Maiden Twins

I really wanted to love this series, it’s beautifully animated with lovely music and wonderful voice acting but, I just can’t. The lapse in story line is just frustrating, so much so that as of yet, I haven’t finished it, and most likely won’t. Part of me wants to try and finish it just to see if anything is explained about the alternate realities but I suspect it won’t!

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