Tartan at Insomnia Gaming Festival Scotland 2016

igs-small-v2“Hi am Tartan and I’m your Community Guest here at Insomnia’s first time Scottish event!”

Not sure how it happend and it took a bit of skill and race against the clock getting a cosplay outfit ready. But thanks to the help of many people I know and admire I pulled out a cosplay related to a game in a short time frame just as the Insomnia Gaming Festival took place from the 29th April to the 2nd May where I was invited along as a guest at Insomnia’s first time Scottish event!

The event was held up in Scotland’s Capital and my home, Edinburgh. Nothing beats an event that is right on your door step. It was held at the EICC where the Edinburgh Comic Con was previously held (which I also attended) so I was in familiar territory. But this was not a typical convention for me. This time I was introduced to a Gaming Festival and it was so exciting!

This of course made me want to cosplay a game related character and being addicted to Sword Art Online (SAO) having fallen in love with both the Manga and Anime, it was only fitting to become Asuna Yuuki. Ok ok, I admit I wanted to cosplay her so I could have the amazing prop sword! With a little help from my friends, my cosplay was ready a week before the event.


The event was held over the course of two days and being a guest meant I had a new insight into how events work and run. My main duty was to sit as part of a panel of guests as well as part of a judging panel alongside fellow guests who happen to be fellow Scottish cosplayers that are pretty well known for their cosplay and in the Scottish community! I also got to check out the festival before attendees arrived but not seeing folks everywhere was rather odd but impressive. I wandered around the two main areas and halls like I owned the place cause it’s how I roll 🙂

There was so much gaming going on during the festival which also included an on site camp! There were a few good tournaments running over the weekend including Super Smash Bros. A full on section for Minecraft in both event rooms featured and Street Fighter could be found all over the place. One part of one event room had all indie and local games which was a really cool area as you had a chance to chat with the makers of the games and find out more about the games from them. A retro area also featured which made me feel so old seeing all of the games. A PlayStation section and Xbox area were available to check out and play a few games on. Not to forget, the festival also featured a Just Dance and Hero Band set up which had every one taking a turn and laughing with such enjoyment.

Tartan_InsomniaGamingFest_JudgeThis was the first time I featured on stage with a panel which I have to admit was very scary as I was not quite sure what was expected. However, since I was on stage with some pro’s all was fine. I was also in the judging table for the cosplay contest, which was held on the Sunday, again this was something new to me. It was a tough choice once you’ve seen all those outfits and cosplayers showing their creations and being so professional on stage. I admired every one of them for just getting on the stage and showing off the work they had put into it, some even doing an amazing performance in front of the audience and us judges.

Over all I loved my time at Insomnia Scotland and loved the atmosphere.I had so much fun and I do hope I will be seeing you all next year at the event when it returns once more to Scotland!