Sailor Moon Crystal – Season 3

It came and went and we have now come to the end of the current Sailor Moon Crystal Season. Enjoyable to watch on the whole with the later episodes leaving you in suspense with cliff hangers.

It started up where it left off from the last season and we we’re introduced to the outer sailor scouts Neptune, Uranus and Saturn. We meet new villains this time round, a group of outer beings trying to make a second mother planet on earth. Once again we also got to meet Sailor Chibi Moon and see her develop as a character.


Over all it’s a good anime to watch, the story ties-in with is in the manga but this time around there were no more 3D transformations. The characters had a slight change in design and they also attempted to add the 90’s silly bits and animation when the transformations came about and I honestly felt that this might have been a bit over done.

Meeting the new characters was great and keeping the mystery around the outer scouts was nicely done as to why we did not see them before. As to the old age question of “is Sailor Uranus a guy or a girl”, sadly we will never know. It was also nice seeing the bonds that Chibi Moon has with the other scouts and how she seems a bit more mature this season and not such a whiny brat! The love between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask is still present but seems to take a bit of a back seat.

I did find the intro to be a bit depressing and would have preferred the music and the rolling credits be more up beat. I wasn’t eagerly awaiting each new episode this time around, maybe as I have re-read the manga so I may put that on hold to see if that makes a difference as there is a very clear hint as to what may lie ahead at the end of this season. I honestly wanted to fall in love with this season, just like the others but somehow this just did not happen and I am slightly disappointed in myself as a fan because of this. I am hoping that they do complete the anime, and with hints of new merchandise to be released I am very excited to see if the new season will be arriving soon.

If you’re into your magical girl anime or if you’re a hardcore Sailor Moon fan, its one for your watch list!