Based on the manga of the same name, Noragami aired in Japan in 2015 and its an anime I have really enjoyed.

The story follows the main character Yato, a minor God of Calamity but who is unknown in the modern world and without a shrine. He makes attempts to be known and only charges 5 yen to grant a wish to those in need of his help but is really struggling and often crashes at other shrines to rest and recoup. Think of him s a homeless God in a cool sports jump suit. He one day meets Hiyori, a girl whose soul slips out of her body due to her saving him from traffic whilst he was on a job. Her spirit takes on a cat like humanoid form with a tail and reflexes to match and she tasks Yato with sorting out her ‘problem’ for 5 yen.

Yato wields a weapon which is a wondering spirit that he names Yukine and uses to destroy evil and negative spirits in his sword like form.  I personally loved Yukine’s personality and character development and over the series you see how these two characters bond and progress together with Hiyori which allows for some very funny moments and silly-ness.
During the show you also get to meet other Gods and how they tangle with Yato. Yato’s dark past comes to light involving Bishamon, the God of War which results in many fights between them. Not to mention his dark relation with Nora who used to be his Hiki and is super creepy looking!

I adore the art, design and quirks in the anime and I also love the music which is super refreshing and fun. It reminds me of some kind of intro to a song that is ready to drop some serous beats and it’s a tune you just can’t get out of your head – so you just go with it and bob along to the music. This one ticked all the boxes for me, supernatural, action and comedy and I have found myself looking forward to watching more.