Raising Money for Charity with Capital Sci-Fi Con

Based in Edinburgh, Capital Sci-Fi Con is a convention with a difference but maybe not the kind of difference you will be expecting. This convention is not just about sci-fi, pop culture, films, comics and guests; over a weekend next year, Capital Sci-Fi Con puts all of its efforts into raising money for the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) Rachel house hospice in Kinross. After the massive success of the first event which took place in February 2016 where an out of this world figure of £37,680.68 was raised (yes, that ticket you bought to go to the event- all goes to charity!), efforts are already underway for its 2017 event and once again they will be donating all Profit’s  from the event to CHAS.

It might seem like a long time until next years event which is held at Meadow Bank Sports Centre on the 18th – 19th February, but it’s not really that long as the team is keen to raise as much as possible before and over the event itself and this is where the street team comes in! These guys and girls take to the streets, shopping centres and other events around Scotland, armed with buckets, flyers  and balloons to spread the word about the event itslef and why they are out collecting…OH! I also forget to mention that the street team are also keen local cosplayers from the community!

Yes, I’m talking about Jedi’s armed with light sabers and red CHAS buckets, Lord Vader posing with the public for photos, Wookie’s photobombing selfies, a family of Storm Troopers patrolling the shopping centre, The Joker entertaining, Ghost Busters looking out for any ghostly activity and Pinkie Pie bouncing about with the children. Even a few Disney Princesses enchanting everyone with magic and that is only to mention a very small part of the team. All kinds of cosplayers as characters from films and TV to comics and games come out with great effort help raise money and promote the event to the public. That is why this convention is different. The amount of hard work and long hours that goes into it from each team member with every penny raised going to CHAS.

I myself had the pleasure to help out at a local shopping centre and including Keith and his street team of cosplayers, I met the most friendly bunch of folks and sensed very quickly that there is a big family vibe about the team. Some of them I had never met before and others I knew from cosplay communities and past conventions. Once we were assigned our tasks (I was giving out flyers) we got straight to work and I took to it like a duck to water. Talking, chatting and engaging with the public, my cosplay was one well known to both children and adults. Many children would charge towards their favourite characters and hero’s, a small handful of whom were rather shy when they got really close. Even teenagers came over for selfies and apart from feeling great engaging with the public, the other reward is knowing the street team raised over 2 days a phenomenal and very impressive £1,428.58.

This to me is what makes this convention different in comparison to others. The team who are cosplayers, geeks and nerds alike have big hearts and are the ones behind it all, putting in hours of hard work for a great charity  and when it comes to the event itself, they put in all the effort for the Charity as well as providing a great event for the convention goers. It is for the fans by fans and everyone is there to enjoy the event knowing that while they are having fun the profits go to Charity.

There will be many more small events like this one in the run up to the event itself and you can find all the details and information on their website by clicking here where you can already buy your tickets as well as their social media details to keep up-to-date with them.