MCM Scotland Comic Con 2016

MCM 2016, Scotland’s biggest Comic Convention takes up the whole exhibition space and halls over at Glasgow’s SECC. Having attended a few times before, it was nice to return to the place after finally getting to the event after an hour and a half worth of train travel. Once inside we slipped into our cosplay outfits and got ready to enjoy the big and fun event.

The layout of the event has improved but somehow we found ourselves lost in the maze of stalls, vendors and artists. They really have to make huge signs and have more maps of the layouts. The shopping aspect is what you come to expect form MCM; anime, manga, art, props and merch. Lots of opportunities to pick up stuff for yourself and friends which is why many attend the con.

There were several guests for which the ques were very long so be aware of a lot of standing around. Secondly, not all the guests are happy for selfies but you can wait for the time slot to have your photos taken with the guests by a professional photographer.  The crowds were a sea of fans and cosplayers, packing the halls but with enough space between stalls which kept things flowing. However some stalls where so packed that you had no chance of seeing what was on sale – Kawaii things will have to wait till next time! There were a few show cars to be found such as the Back to the Future car. The convention also featured the iconic Game of Thrones chair where you could line up to take photos of yourself sitting upon the throne and I missed this! It was right at the back of the last hall! Never mind! There was also an MCM area where you could pose and take photos, something I feel there needs to be more of as they are forever crowded!

It was a great feeling knowing the local cosplayers. An overwhelmingly nice feeling being reunited with those you meet at other conventions throughout the year. This year there were many inside meet ups. These included fandoms meeting up in cosplay and getting photos together, selfies and generally hanging out. Since our cosplays were in Disney, we went along to the Disney Meet and it was really nice meeting up with others who share the same interests and cosplaying characters that they adore on a whole new level. At MCM if you’re in cosplay, expect photos! Mind you not many photographers were visible when we were about but it’s not just photographers with the big cameras, you will have fans coming up for selfies and photos too, and of course your friends want photos. Be sure to be prepared for strangers asking for photos too. Children also love to get a photo with their favourite characters and seeing their little faces sparkle with joy melts your heart. It is also very possible once one person takes your photo, for many others to join in, unless you know the person don’t be too disheartened if you never see that photo that was taken ( you do get used to that!).

The sea of con-goers are a friendly bunch, when we were filming they were sweet enough to apologise if they happened to cross your path. Or you will get those who are happy to wave to you when passing or even throw a pose for you. This makes conventions fun.

Be sure to check out the two videos on the page for you guys to see all the fun and what to expect at an MCM event. One is a short with highlights (below) of the day and the other (above) is shot in more of a Vlog style and is a longer video. We’ve also recommend a few other videographers who were kind enough to include us in their videos so check out MCM 16 by Ronin Night and one of the many videos from Henry Zactis Woo