Nintendo Reveals New ‘Nintendo Switch’ Console

nintendo-switch-logoNintendo has officially revealed details, images and a trailer for their new console ‘Nintendo Switch’ (previously codenamed ‘NX’). As had been previously rumoured, the powerful new system combines both home console and portable handheld gaming.

When using the system at home the Nintendo Switch will rest in the Nintendo Switch Dock, letting you enjoy single and multiplayer gaming on your TV from the comfort of your living room. When the system is lifted from the Nintendo Switch dock, it will transition the system to portable mode, allowing you to continue your gaming experience on the go.


The Nintendo Switch uses new detachable Joy-Con controllers that slot in on either side of the Nintendo Switch screen. According to the press release, one player can use a Joy-Con controller in each hand; two players can each have one; or multiple Joy-Con controllers can be used for different gameplay options. If players want a more traditional gameplay experience using the Joy-Con controllers, the controllers can be clicked into a Joy-Con Grip accessory. There will also be an optional Nintendo Switch Pro Controller that players can use instead of the Joy-Con controllers to further their gameplay experience. In addition to the multiple controller options, multiple Nintendo Switch systems can also be used in conjunction with each other.

The 3-minute trailer used to reveal the Nintendo Switch shows brief glimpses of Splatoon, Nintendo’s new Zelda game, Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, and a newly revealed Mario game.

More details including price, demos, launch games and the exact release date are set to be revealed in the future.