The best of Japanese cinema comes to London at Raindance

This years Raindance film festival will feature a host of Japanese films some of which are marking their UK premiere at Europe’s largest independent film festival over 12 days from 20 September to 1st October. The festival will see Oh Lucy! (teaser trailer below), Breaker, Mukoku (trailer below), Junk Head, Perfect Revolution and more screened during the festivals run.


Oh Lucy!

Tickets for the festival start at £49.00 and run up to £195.00 which are the events premium priced tickets with all passes giving you access for the length of the festival and provides you with access to shorts, features, documentaries, music videos, web series and VR.

Since 1993 the Raindance film festival has uncovered some of the hottest new filmmakers and premiered films which include Pulp Fiction, Memento, the Blair Witch Project, Ghost World and Love Exposure.

For more information on the Japanese films being shown during the festival click here and for tickets follow this link.