Lead actor announced for Legendary’s Live-action Pokémon movie

Justice SmithLegendary Entertainment’s planned live-action Pokémon film has revealed that Justice Smith (The Get Down, Paper Towns) will star as the films lead actor.

Slated to start production this year, the film will feature the Detective Pikachu character from the Nintendo 3DS title Meitantei Pikachu released in February 2016 and is set to be directed by Rob Letterman (Monsters vs. Aliens, Shark Tale).

The films script is to be penned by Alex Hirsch (Gravity Falls) and Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy). Alex Hirsch created Disney’s animated series Gravity Falls and Nicole Perlman co-wrote the script for Guardians of the Galaxy and is co-writing the script for the Captain Marvel film.

TOHO are set to distribute the film in Japan with Universal Pictures distributing the film outside Japan.

[Source: Variety]