We Experience PlayStation In Concert

…not only drew you in but also allowed you to marvel at the brilliance of the Royal Albert Hall…

Video games have come a long way from their simplistic yet challenging and colourful incarnations, to the multi-billion dollar entertainment force they are today. They are woven together by enchanting music and wrapped in memorable theme songs which are hummed from time to time that eventually thread their way into phones by way of ringtones, themes and are reincarnated as mobile games. Enter PlayStation In Concert, which unwraps these theme songs and weaves together an astounding, lighthearted, touching and nostalgically tripping night.

Taking you on a musical journey from the classic grey box that is the original PlayStation One to the current powerhouse of the PlayStation 4; the night was filled with reminders of adventures taken and the chills and horrors that have unfolded over some intense playthroughs. Hosted by the talented Jessica Curry, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra started it all off with Crash Bandicoot to a backdrop of mesmerising lighting effects and the splendour of the Royal Albert Hall. We continued the journey with the wind rushing Warhawk and chilling Resident Evil. It’s hard to pick out a standout performance but my highlights of the night were Journey, which I have to admit had me close to shedding a tear, the epic PS4 adventure that is Uncharted which ended the night, and Shadow of the Colossus.

After the interval the Orchestra was joined by the City of London Choir who took the experience to another level, in particularly with their performance of Jessica Curry’s own Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture. As far as hosting goes, Jessica could not have given a better performance. She was informing, funny and engaging, enabling us all to connect with the orchestra and the iconic if not slightly intimidating venue.

Each piece performed was accompanied by a hypnotic light show which took on the character of the game music being played. It not only drew you in but also allowed you to marvel at the brilliance of the Royal Albert Hall with its spectacular dome ceiling, filling the hall with various colours. Bloodborne stole the show in this regard, drowning the already red hall with various shades of red.

Videogame music has a place in culture and is inseparable from gaming itself. PlayStation In Concert is a marker of where orchestral music is growing and a strong shout for the inclusion of videogames at the annual summer Proms. It opens the doors of classical music to a whole new audience that may have payed it very little to no attention at all. On a personal note, I now demand to play my games with a full live orchestra and may have to build an extension in my future home to house them.

Click on the video below to play a snippet of Uncharted from PlayStation In Concert.